Questions and Answers

What are some of the reasons that I should consider sending my resume and interviewing with a recruiter?

First and most important is that you must have some trust and confidence in the recruiting professional with whom you are going to be working with. You should believe the recruiter is a valuable industry contact for confidential networking and a valuable resource for attractive career opportunities.

Other specific reasons:

  • - A recruiter’s resources that can help you network nationally or in a particular city that is of interest to you.
  • - The confidentiality of not posting your resume on a national job board.

What kind of working relationship should I expect with a recruiter and what credentials should I look for?

You should expect exemplary business practices and ethics as when working with any professional, i.e. honesty, accurate information, knowledge in their field, clearly good intentions and someone who will listen to your perspective and learn about your interests. Look for Certified Personal Consultants (CPC), members in good standing in state and national organizations, as well as membership in industry related organizations.

Is it OK to interview when I really do not know if an opportunity is right for me or if I am not sure if the timing is right?

Yes it is OK. How else can you determine without question if a position and a company are right for you? Of course, you should have some knowledge of the position and the company to reflect on before proceeding with any interview. Do your research and expect valuable, helpful information from your recruiter. Many successful professionals might agree that the best time to possibly interview is when there is no pressing need to make a job change. The reality is, opportunities that you may never hear about arise for various reasons; a retirement, a promotion, a new strategic initiative, etc. It makes good business sense to confidentially watch for that one great opportunity that may make a difference in your career.

Should I ever sign any kind of contract with a recruiting service and should I ever pay a service fee myself?

No. If asked to do so you are not dealing with a professional recruiting service.

Should I provide references to a recruiter?

You normally are not required to provide references unless requested by the hiring company. If a Recruiter has a retained search it is possible the hiring employer will request that some references are checked before agreeing to an interview. References are of course a valuable tool in confirming your skills, abilities and achievements. It is certainly a good idea to have your references in order. Do not forget to talk to your references about your intentions and make sure they are comfortable, all things considered, in positively confirming your experience and skills.

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